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Pay for What You Take at CCBC

Effective for the fall 2017 semester, CCBC students will benefit from a more efficient and potentially cost-savings way to pay for the classes they are taking and the credits they are earning.

In April, the College’s Board of Trustees approved a new tuition model that eliminates the current flat-rate tuition for those taking between 12 and 18 credits, and implements a new model that charges tuition based on actual credits students are taking, regardless of course load.

There will be a minimal 1.55% increase in tuition and fees next year, the lowest in many years at CCBC, equating to only a $3.00 increase per credit for in-county students. The General Student Fee and Technology Fee will remain unchanged at their current rates.

These changes are designed to help students manage college expenses and complete their degrees. Students may now pay for fewer than 15 credits and still be considered full-time.

For more information about tuition and fee changes for the 2017-18 academic year, or about paying for college in general, please visit our website at, visit the Student Financial Services Office located at the Information and Registration Center, or speak to one of our cashier’s in the Cashier’s office.