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It’s the surest way for you to receive notifications of issues and incidents critical to your safety and well being on campus.




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*Text messaging charges may apply, depending upon subscriber’s carrier.*


What constitutes an emergency?
Emergencies include the following critical situations:

  • severe weather with imminent dangerous conditions affecting campus
  • campus closings due to inclement weather
  • health and public safety emergencies like chemical spills, fires or violence

Who makes the decision to close campus due to weather or other conditions?
The College is officially closed only by authorization of the College President (or designated representative).

What happens when classes are officially cancelled by the College?
Used only for extreme weather purposes, class cancellations are based upon logical divisions between morning, afternoon, and evening classes. Morning classes begin before noon; afternoon classes begin after noon; and evening classes begin after 5 p.m. Classes in session during these divisions continue as scheduled. Since weather conditions are unpredictable, the College President (or designated representative) is the only individual authorized to cancel classes and will strive to reach a decision on the College’s status by the following times:

 5 a.m. for morning classes and all day cancellations
10 a.m. for afternoon classes
  3 p.m. for evening classes

How does the College notify me of closings, cancellations, and emergency situations?
Campus closings and cancellations are posted on the official College website ( and reported to local TV and radio stations. You can register for our emergency alert system (see below) to receive alerts via text message, voicemail and email. Alerts from our emergency alerts system are also automatically posted to the College’s official Facebook page ( and Twitter account (

What is the best way to be notified of campus closings, cancellations, and emergency situations?
Our emergency alerts system is the surest way for you to receive notifications of issues and incidents critical to your safety and well-being on campus. You can choose to receive emergency notifications instantly via text messages on a mobile phone, voicemail on a mobile phone or landline, and through email by registering any of those devices here  on MyCCBC.  Look in your Student or Employee tab and then look for the Emergency Alerts link on the left.

How do I register to receive the alerts?

1. As a student, faculty or staff member you are automatically registered to receive messages to your CCBC email address.
2. When you register a phone number for text messages you will receive a text with a confirmation number that you will have to enter. Just follow the prompts.
3. You may register up to two additional email addresses and three SMS (text messaging) devices.

*Text messaging charges may apply, depending upon subscriber’s carrier.