Digital Textbook Solutions @ CCBC are Here


Forget those long lines at the Bookstore!

Sold-out copies are a thing of the past!

Access codes, who needs them?


CCBC is proud to announce new e-textbooks for many of our classes.


Trust us. We know how important saving money and a successful start are to our students. That is why starting this fall; we will launch Cengage Unlimited, a digital textbook solution that costs you a one-time only fee each year ($179.99!), and gives you access to all of your course materials on day one.


Not only are these digital solutions more affordable than buying traditional textbooks, they also offer more interactive, exciting, and engaging educational experiences with multiple modes of instruction for all learners.


Hard copies rentals will be available through Cengage for $7.99.


Non-Cengage textbooks can still be purchased at Barnes & Noble College Bookstore, and questions about why a course is not a Cengage adoption can be directed to your instructor.