Message from the Provost

Hello CCBC Titans,
We are excited that you are here, and we care about your success. Titan Pathways to Success is
designed to help you choose a career pathway and successfully achieve your academic goals by starting
strong, staying strong, and ultimately finishing even stronger! If you are not sure which academic
pathway is best for you, reach out to for guidance or give Career Coach a try

Here is how you can Start Strong!

Blackboard shells for all courses are made available to students 5 days before the course sessions begins.
Please be sure to log on right away and check all links to Cengage textbooks (within the course shell) and
any other technical resources provided. Reach out immediately if you have any issues.

Before classes begin:
                  o Log in to each course on Blackboard via MyCCBC
                  o Obtain textbooks and course materials. Access Cengage Textbooks online, if available for your course. Stop at Supportive Services in the
                     Learning Resource Center at the Library for assistance if you are unable to access your Cengage Textbook
                  o Access MyCCBC (messages for students are sometimes placed there)
                  o Check your email daily. We only use CCBC email for communication with students
                  o Review the syllabus and note the dates assignments are due

During the first few days of class:

                  o Interact with your faculty member in the course (Note: There may be an assignment
                     asking you to introduce yourself or participate in some way. Attendance is taken based
                     on your online participation. Students who do not actively participate each week may be
                     dropped from the course without reimbursement.)
                  o Complete any introductory assignments scheduled for the first week

As a reminder, we offer face-to-face, online, online live/synchronous, hybrid, and Titan Flex courses.
You can tell which type of course you have by looking at your schedule. The letter that follows the
course section numbers will tell you which modality is in place for your course. Here are some

                  BIOL 201-01__(no letter = face-to-face)

                  SOCI 202 -04 D (D = Distant; all classes will be online; you should expect to complete
                  assignments on a weekly basis. It is imperative that you sign into the course each week and
                  review messages and assignment information from your faculty and turn in all assignments that
                  are due.)

                  MATH 101-03 H (H = Hybrid; some classes will be in person and some online. Your faculty
                  member will review this information the first of classes when you are meeting online.

                  WRIT 101-02 S (S = Synchronous or Online Live; these courses are online, but students are
                  expected to attend at the specific course time.)

                  BUSM 215-01 T (Titan Flex; this is our most flexible option, and you may choose to attend this
                  class in-person, online live, or completely online.) Note: We are beginning to phase out Titan
                  Flex courses.)

Here is how you can Stay Strong!

Actively participate in your course and complete assignments weekly for all course modalities including
fully online and Titan Flex courses.

Meet with your faculty advisor every semester to stay on track.

Your first point of contact for questions about course content is always your faculty member. Located on
the left menu in all Blackboard courses is the Faculty Information link, which contains their name and
email address. Always use your CCBC email account when corresponding with faculty or staff. It is
reasonable to expect a response from your faculty member in 24-48 hours on business days (excluding
weekends and holidays).

Your next point of contact is the Dean of the academic school for which you are enrolled. Anytime you
need assistance or have instructional concerns the faculty cannot address, please do not hesitate to
reach out to these individuals:

                  • Senior Dean Dr. John Higgs: (Aviation Science Pathway)
                  • Dean Elaine Strouss and Assistant to the Dean Tina Gallup (Health Science Pathway):
                  • Dean Dr. Katie Thomas: (School of Professions & Transfer
                     Studies: Business, Education, STEM, Liberal Arts, and Criminal Justice Pathways)
                  • Dean John Goberish: (Industrial Technology and Continuing
                     Education Pathway)-process technology, construction, engineering, and physics)
                  • Associate Dean Lauren Susan: or Dual Enrollment Specialist Lia
                     Hazelwood (High School Academies and Dual Enrollment

Wait! There is more help where that came from:

                  Instructional Technologist Michael Leonard:
                  Academic Coaches & Support Services:; located in the library
                  Writing Center:; located in the library
                  Help Desk:
                  Financial Aid:
                  Pay Your Tuition:
                  Student Life (get involved):

Finally, feel free to contact me at with any additional questions, concerns, or
issues. Please remember that our faculty are here to support you and guide your learning in any way
that they can. Please do your part by remaining actively engaged in your courses, completing your
required weekly assignments on time, putting forth the effort necessary to learn and be successful,
and by reaching out early for assistance, if needed.

Finish Stronger!

To finish stronger, be sure to visit your academic advisor to discuss your career pathway. Your advisor
can answer questions about your chosen career, assist you with determining the best path to complete
your degree on time, and help you plan your transfer to a 4-year school after completing your degree at
CCBC. They can also offer general advice about how to be successful in your program, internships, or
career opportunities.

I applaud you for keeping your education on track. At CCBC, we care about your success and students
are always first, so it is our goal to provide you with a relevant, high-quality education as you navigate
toward a bright future.

Start Strong, Stay Strong, and Finish Even Stronger!

Dr. Shelly L. Moore
Vice President of Academic Affairs/Provost

Hello Titans! This is a reminder that beginning in Fall 2023 you will access your student bill in MyCCBC. You will not receive a bill in the mail. To access your tuition bill please follow these steps:

1.Go to MyCCBC.

2.Log in using your CCBC username and password.

3.Go to the student tab/click on “Your Finances”

4.Go to “My Account Information” and click on “My Account Balances” to view your current bills and make any payments electronically.


If you have any questions about your billing, please email If you have questions about your Financial Aid, please email

How to Guides

If you need additional instructions on how to register online please click here.

To watch a video tutorial please click here.

Payments for Summer 2024 are due by April 19th, 2024 


Follow the steps to make your online payment:

  1. Log in to MyCCBC
  2. Click on the "Students Tab"
  3. Click on "Your Finances"
  4. Click on "My Account Balances"
  5. Click on "Make a Payment"

Should you have any questions please reach out to the college via email at, or by calling 724-480-3501.



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To reset your password, login to our Password Reset Portal Now!
You will need to choose security questions unique to you so the next time you forget your password or get your account locked, you can reset it no matter what day or time it is.
If you have not opted in to the password reset tool yet, you will need to contact the IT Helpdesk to have your password reset.  You can email them
at or call 724.480.3399.